Newsletter archive

Issue 10 (29/06/2021)

A metrics-focused edition casting a critical eye on measurement in design and business. From cautionary tales of metrics undermining businesses, to the need for more rigour in selecting what to track: this issue took a deep dive into more thoughtful ways to approach metrics. We also looked at the future of supermarket technology, the business story (and user centred approach) that contributed to TikTok's meteoric rise, and how origami can help us gain a clear view of business ecosystems.

Issue 9 (28/05/2021)

There are many factors that can limit a designer's ability to enact change or influence strategic business decisions, particularly in corporate environments. In this edition we heard practical advice on how design can maximise its impact, and how innovators from any background can thrive in corporate life.

Issue 8 (08/04/2021)

This month's newsletter has a particular focus on relationship building, communication, and trust: how to be persuasive, articulate decisions, and make sure we're involved in decision-making meetings. On the practical side, we explored the Business Model Navigator, and how Nike continues to dominate through product and business model innovation.

Issue 7 (26/02/2021)

This edition included an important reflection on the need for designers to prioritise their relationship with business over sharpening craft in order to improve the influence we've worked so hard to achieve. We also explored the ROI of content design, how we could rethink growth as the business success status quo, and how radical economic models could help us shift from systems which polarise to ones which enable positive, collaborative relationships.

Issue 6 -(29/01/2021)

2021's issue introduced a fresh look and some new content. We took a deep dive into the Circular Economy, explained the difference between CAPEX and OPEX spending, looked at report on the state of design in 2021, and listened to how you can you become business-savvy without compromising design values.

Issue 5 -(03/12/2020)

The final issue of 2020 reminded us of some key business fundamentals, introduced the world of positioning, and shared content on how to get business value from the Design Sprint. If you're new to Growth Design, we looked at a great talk covering this increasingly popular discipline. Finally, we wrapped 2020 by looking at how Salesforce make ethical business decisions while revealing the enormous business opportunity available to companies with ethics at their core

Issue 4 - (21/10/2020)

This issue we covered Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), The Business Model Canvas, and practical ways to level up your design communication. In future thinking, this edition looked at emerging content business models from China and how Capitalism can be reimagined for the good of the planet.

Issue 3 - (18/09/2020)

In September we demystified strategy and Customer Acquisition Cost, and introduced the Kano Model for business analysis. For building influence of design we shared a generous essay from a designer at Google and a candid talk from UX London. Finally, we looked at the future of startups, reading the sage words of two veterans concerned by tech's overwhelming focus on growth and disruption.

Issue 2 - (13/08/2020)

A SaaS-focused issue, taking a closer look at subscription business models and how businesses of all types can move towards this flexible model. We touched on the Circular Economy, and shared great resources for building influence as content designers and leadership change-makers. This issue features another practical framework for showing the ROI of design, and featured wise words on what it takes to run your own design business.

Issue 1 - (16/07/2020)

The first edition of Designers in Business included opinion on how designers can gain more influence at executive level, introduced Porter's Five Forces, shared tools for measuring the ROI of design, and how Path Dependence could be stifling innovation in your industry.