The newsletter for designers who want to make sense of business.

The Designers in Business newsletter helps designers build business confidence, collaborate effectively with business peers, and improve the impact of design in their organisations.

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What's in each edition?

Designers in Business is a monthly newsletter published in seasons. After launching as a roundup of curated content, the format evolved and each edition now takes a deep dive into a specific topic or theme.

Business concepts, explained

Simple breakdowns of business models and strategies, and how they relate to the work of designers.

Better business relationships

Approaches to collaboration with business peers and senior partners, to improve design's business influence.

Improving design's impact

Thoughts on how design can influence business decision making and encourage ethical product strategies.

Who curates it?

Designers in Business is brought to you by Tom Prior, a Digital Product Designer and Design Strategist. He believes a better grasp of how business works can give us the confidence to design and collaborate more effectively.

A graduate of the dMBA (Design MBA), Tom has also shared how designers can gain business confidence at events including Clearleft's UX Fest, Tech Circus's UX Crunch, and UX Up.