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Illustration of two designers talking with picture of business charts in the background

The Designers in Business newsletter is helping hundreds of designers build confidence in their understanding of the models, strategies, and language of modern business.

Whether you're a
UX, UI, Content or Digital Product Designer, a better grasp of how business works can give us the confidence to design and collaborate more effectively.

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Illustration of two designers talking with picture of business charts in the background

What to expect from the newsletter.

The Designers in Business newsletter is a monthly digest, curated with care by Tom Prior. Each edition includes curated articles from across the web, sharing content covering topics such as:
Business terms, simply explained
Common business models & strategies
Business ethics and social responsibility
Business education options for designers
Opinion on the impact of design in business

Why would a designer want to better understand business?

Shaking hands

Collaborate more effectively

Non-designers often come to work with a business mindset. Empathy with this approach may set us up to better collaborate with other disciplines.

Keep that seat at the table

Design is finally gaining influence at board level, but how do we maintain it? Business confidence could help design leaders ensure they maintain senior positions for the long term.
Arrows pointing in different directions

Influence decision making

By building stronger relationships with business peers, we can create more opportunities to show why accessible, inclusive, and ethical design create better relationships with customers.
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Be a catalyst for change

Think the world of business could be doing better? Understanding how it currently works could put designers in a better position to design new business models and impact how business operates in the future.
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Tell compelling project stories

Showing how your work also influenced positive business and customer outcomes can make for a more relevant case study, and help your work stand out when making your next move.
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Develop a shared vocabulary

Design is rife with jargon, and business terminology can seem baffling too. By understanding each other's language could help designers and business colleagues work together more effectively.